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展示 COMBUSTOR – 一种创建个性化压缩音色的独特方式。 这种鼓舞人心的效果具有自适应饱和度处理功能,可在单个插件中为您的音频添加个性和嘎吱声。

每个压缩器,无论是硬件版本还是软件版本,都有自己独特的音调。 这是由于真实电路或虚拟领域中的建模的性能。 现在,您可以为自己的音频赋予您的曲目应得的甜美饱和度,并创建一个完全属于您自己的定制角色。 COMBUSTOR 具有您所期望的所有压缩器控制,还有一些惊喜,有 5 种不同的饱和模型和丰富的声音塑造选项。 这个插件可以为贝司线添加和声,捕捉打击乐并使你的人声唱歌。


Presenting COMBUSTOR – a unique way to create personalized compressor timbres. This inspirational effect features adaptive saturation processing to add character and crunch to your audio, all within a single plugin.

Every compressor, both hardware and software versions, has its own unique tonality. This is due to the performance of the real-life circuitry or modelling in the virtual realm. Now you can give your own audio the type of sweet saturation that your tracks deserve, and create a bespoke character all your own. COMBUSTOR features all the compressor controls you’d expect, and some surprises too, with 5 different saturation models and generous options for sound shaping. This plugin can add harmonics to bass lines, snap to percussion and make your vocals sing.