Mix Monolith 是 AYAIC 的另一个行业首创。它是一个自动混音系统,可让您在任何环境中完美调平音轨。从单个音轨到总线组,到 FX 通道,再到您的主推子,Mix Monolith 将创建一个平衡和开放的混音。

有无限的 Duck/Expand/Mute 组可帮助您以前所未有的方式轻松清理混音中的空间。 Duck/Expand 采用“硬限制”方法,因此当您的贝司音轨需要 -3db 的 Ducking 时,这正是您每次敲击底鼓时所得到的。在“组”中闪避让您可以让底鼓浸入低音、开销、底鼓氛围、音乐总线,并在一个组中抽出您的整个混音。您还可以让人声降低人声混响/延迟,同时扩展一些坚韧不拔的人声失真,为更响亮的段落添加“态度”。

当与我们的 Ceilings Of Sound Pro / Hyper-EQ 配合使用时,您将能够使 Hyper-EQ 适应有趣的新天花板形状,然后立即听到混音中的情况。

尝试 Mix Monolith 7 天/天,当您第一次将它应用到您的混音中时,您会爱上您的音乐听起来的方式。



The Mix Monolith is another industry first from AYAIC. It is an Automatic Mixing System that allows you to level your tracks perfectly in any environment. From individual tracks, to buss groups, to FX channels, to your master fader, the Mix Monolith will create a mix that is balanced and open.

There are infinite Duck/Expand/Mute groups to help you easily clear out space in your mixes like never before. The Duck/Expand utilizes a “hard-limit” approach so when you need -3db of Ducking for your bass track, that’s exactly what you get every time your kick drum hits. Ducking in “groups” allows you to have the kick drum dip the bass, the overheads, the kick ambience, the music buss and pump your whole mix all within a single group. You can also have the vocals Duck the vocal reverb/delay while simultaneously Expanding some gritty vocal distortion to add “attitude” to the louder passages.

When paired with our Ceilings Of Sound Pro / Hyper-EQ you’ll be able to conform the Hyper-EQ to interesting new ceiling shapes then immediately hear how things sit in the mix.

Try Mix Monolith for 7/Days and you’ll love the way your music sounds the very first time you apply it to one of your mixes.