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展示 HEAT 2 – 原来的双失真强国,现在有了惊人的更新。 这款面部融合插件具有直观的新界面、更准确的频率监控和一系列底层改进。

选择两个您最喜欢的失真和饱和模型,并将它们混合在一起以获得模糊盒的乐趣。 您可以使用高通和低通滤波器对两个受影响的信号进行整形,从而产生比许多其他类型的失真插件更具音乐性的输出。 在更新的界面中根据您的个人喜好调整参数,新设计的界面与我们其他鼓舞人心的插件并列。 音频处理现在更加清晰,采用自上而下的方法,因此现在可以轻松跟踪信号流并创建放大的过载。


Presenting HEAT 2 – the original twin distortion powerhouse, now with a stunning refresh. This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements.

Choose two of your favourite distortion and saturation models, and blend them together for fuzz-box fun. You can shape the two effected signals with high and low pass filters, resulting in a more musical output than many other types of distortion plugins. Tweak the parameters to your personal taste within the refreshed interface, newly designed to sit right alongside our other inspiring plugins. The audio processing is now much clearer, with a top-to-bottom approach so it’s now easy to follow the signal flow and create amped-up overdrive.