Dynamic Plate Reverb 是一个效果插件,它使用薄板振动的物理模型来重现板式混响的经典声音。

Dynamic Plate Reverb 使用薄金属板的物理模型来重现板式混响的经典声音。我们的创新算法可以创造性地控制板设置,让您可以根据材料定制共振。五种不同的板材、前置放大器驱动器和强大的 8 频段模式均衡器提供了广泛的音调变化范围,可应用于人声、鼓或乐器。

Dynamic Plate Reverb 不使用脉冲响应或延迟网络。相反,我们从数学描述开始,即基尔霍夫板方程。这给出了尺寸、厚度和张力方面的位移,以及所选材料的特性。使用这个描述,我们计算系统的振动模式,应用我们独特的优化引擎。

物理模型允许实时控制板的尺寸,从 3m x 2m 到 1.5mx 1m。这与五种不同的板材料一起,允许您根据输入材料定制共振。8 频段均衡器在整个频率范围内调整模式的权重,以全面控制混响声音。建模的前置放大器驱动部分可用于为馈入板的信号添加温暖或过载。

最小的内存和 CPU 使用率。最高质量。
使用我们的物理音频优化引擎,Dynamic Plate Reverb 在现代处理器上使用不到 10% 的 CPU 内核。这可以以最少的 CPU 使用率提供最高的音质。内存和磁盘空间也很小,插件的大小不到 20MB。Dynamic Plate Reverb 以 44.1kHz 至 96kHz 的采样率运行。

Dynamic Plate Reverb is an effect plugin that uses a physical model of thin plate vibration to recreate the classic sound of plate reverbs.

Innovative and creative plate reverb
Dynamic Plate Reverb uses a physical model of a thin metal plate to recreate the classic sound of plate reverberation. Our innovative algorithm gives creative control of the plate setup, allowing you to tailor the resonance to your material. Five different plate materials, a pre-amp drive, and a powerful 8-band mode equalizer give a huge range of tonal variation that can be applied to vocals, drums or instruments.

Pure physical modelling
Dynamic Plate Reverb does not use impulse responses or delay networks. Instead we start from a mathematical description, the Kirchhoff plate equation. This gives the displacement in terms of size, thickness, and tension, as well as the properties of the chosen material. Using this description we calculate the modes of vibration for the system, applying our unique optimisation engine.

Customisable plate setup
The physical model allows real-time control of the dimensions of the plate, from 3m x 2m down to 1.5m x 1m. This, along with five different plate materials, allows you to tailor the resonance to your input material. The 8-band equaliser adjusts the weights of the modes across the frequency range for total control over the reverberant sound. The modelled pre-amp drive section can be used to add warm or overdrive to the signal that is fed into the plate.

Minimal memory and CPU usage. Maximum quality.
Dynamic Plate Reverb uses less than 10% of a CPU core on a modern processor, using our Physical Audio Optimisation Engine. This gives maximum sound quality with minimum CPU usage. Memory and disk space are also tiny, with the plugins being less than 20MB in size. Dynamic Plate Reverb operates at samples rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.