Fat Space 是一种前所未见的全新类型的混响。凭借很大程度上可定制的混响包络并引入了一项我们称为 Liquid Convolution 的新技术,Fat Space 产生了其他混响无法做到的浑厚声音,并且在真实房间建模和虚幻空间中都表现出色。凭借其新颖的技术,Fat Space 没有混响伪影,因此适用于广泛的声音。

原来的 FatSpace 并不是真正的
VST 兼容。每个 VST 主机都有
in/outBuffer。这个 FatSpace 将
处理后的信号放入 inBuffer,而不是
outBuffer。在 Orion 中,in/outBuffer

与任何 VST 主机兼容;现在它
像其他插件一样向 outBuffer发送信号。

Fat Space is a completely novel type of reverb never seen before. With a largely customizable reverb envelope and introducing a new technology we call Liquid Convolution, Fat Space produces a thick sound like no other reverb does and excels both at real room modelling and unreal spaces alike. With its novel technology, Fat Space is free of reverb artifacts and thus works on a wide range of sounds.

A witch says, this is special.

Original FatSpace is not really
VST compatible. Every VST host has
in/outBuffer. This FatSpace put the
processed signal to inBuffer, instead
of outBuffer. In Orion, in/outBuffer are
using same memory so that it works
without problems.

One of witches injected her own code
to make this hidden plugin compatible
with any VST hosts; Now it puts signal
to outBuffer like other plugins.