Dual Spring Reverb 是一个效果插件,它使用螺旋弹簧振动的物理模型来重现弹簧混响的经典声音。A 产品许可费用:

Dual Spring Reverb 是第一个模拟螺旋弹簧中波传播的插件。音频引擎完全建立在对固有物理方程的模拟之上。这可以创造性地控制弹簧的设置,让您可以设计自己独特的声音。Dual Spring Reverb 将完美地放置在您的吉他、合成器或鼓音轨上,添加具有多彩频谱的滴水音。

Dual Spring Reverb 有两个独立的弹簧,可以独立配置。两个弹簧都可以控制回声时间和线性调频截止频率,您可以将线性调频设置为随时间扩散。此外,还有对“boing”电平、阻尼和音调以及 7 频段模式均衡器的全局控制。立体声输出取自每个弹簧的末端,并通过交叉淡入淡出混合在一起。总而言之,这允许根据您的个人材料定制各种弹簧色调。


最小的内存和 CPU 使用率。最高质量。
Dual Spring Reverb 使用我们的物理音频优化引擎,在现代处理器上使用不到 10% 的 CPU 内核。这可以以最少的 CPU 使用率提供最高的音质。内存和磁盘空间也很小,插件的大小不到 10MB。双弹簧混响在 44.1kHz 至 96kHz 的采样率下运行。

Dual Spring Reverb is an effect plugin that uses a physical model of helical spring vibration to recreate the classic sound of spring reverbs. A Product licence costs:

Innovative and creative spring reverb
Dual Spring Reverb is the first ever plugin to model wave propagation in helical springs. The audio engine is built entirely upon the simulation of the inherent physical equations. This gives creative control of the setup of the springs, allowing you to design your own unique sound. Dual Spring Reverb will sit perfectly on your guitar, synth, or drum tracks, adding dripping tones with a colourful spectrum.

Customisable spring setup
Dual Spring Reverb has two separate springs which can be configured independently. Both springs have controls for the echo time and chirp cutoff frequency, and you can set the chirps to spread out over time. In addition there are global controls for the level of ‘boing’, the damping and tone, as well as a 7-band mode equalizer. Stereo output is taken from the ends of each spring and these are mixed together via a cross-fade. Altogether this allows for a huge range of spring tones that can be tailored to your individual material.

Pure physical modelling
The plugin uses a purely mathematical model of spring vibration to create sound. Our modelling starts from a description of wave propagation in elastic helical structures. The physical properties such as length, wire radius, and pitch angle are then mapped to the perceptual parameters as detailed above. From there we create a discrete modal system which is updated over time.

Minimal memory and CPU usage. Maximum quality.
Dual Spring Reverb uses less than 10% of a CPU core on a modern processor, using our Physical Audio Optimisation Engine. This gives maximum sound quality with minimum CPU usage. Memory and disk space are also tiny, with the plugins being less than 10MB in size. Dual Spring Reverb operates at sample rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.