Remnant是一种数字颗粒延迟效果器,设计用于密集的实验音景和尖锐的断续毛刺。残留物用其输入信号填充模拟磁带启发的延迟线,而两个并行运行的独立谷物引擎则从延迟线吸收声音片段。这两个引擎既相互反馈又相互反馈,从而在时间和空间上形成集中且不断变化的模式。 Remnant还具有一个完全矢量的,可调整大小的接口,该接口突破了传统音频插件设计的界限。




Remnant is a digital grain delay effect designed for dense, experimental soundscapes and sharp, stuttering glitches. Remnant fills an analogue tape-inspired delay line with its input signal while two independent grain engines, operating in parallel, draw fragments of sound from the delay line. The two engines feedback both into themselves and into each other, creating concentrated and constantly varying patterns in time and in space. Remnant also features a fully vector, resizable interface that pushes the boundaries of traditional audio plugin design.

What really sets Remnant apart, however, is the reactive freeze feature. When enabled, Remnant will freeze the signal in its delay line and infinitely draw and emit grains from that sound. While doing so, Remnant waits for your input signal to exceed the envelope threshold. As long as the input signal exceeds the threshold, Remnant will temporarily unlock the delay line, allowing new signal to enter and introduce new character to the output grain stream.

With subtle randomness and several additional features like a vintage-inspired filter, mid/side mode, input ducking, and a classic tape wow, Remnant can always take your sounds in an inspiring new direction.

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