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将您的电脑变成专业的制作、混音和母带工作室! MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle 是效果器和乐器的终极集合,目前包含 114 个,包括 MDrummer、MPowerSynth、动态处理器、均衡器、调制效果器(包括合唱和移相器、混响、立体声工具和分析器)。

MCompleteBundle 包含我们所有的效果,涵盖了音乐制作中涉及的所有任务:作曲、混音和母带处理。它还包含我们所有的乐器。通过我们包含的终身免费更新,我们发布的任何新插件都将免费为您服务!使用我们的更新系统只需点击几下…

MCompleteBundle 是 MeldaProduction 唯一可通过订阅从租到买许可系统获得的产品。这意味着,您将每月或每年支付相当少量的费用,并且可以访问整个捆绑包。在您的付款总额达到捆绑包的全价后,您将自动获得永久许可证。

该捆绑包包含传统插件以及我们的革命性技术,即使您过去 50 年没有从事音频工程师工作,也能让您的录音听起来令人难以置信。高速、简单、灵活(当您需要时)、水晶般清晰的声音和最小的噪音水平都是 MeldaProduction 的标准。


Turn your computer into a professional production, mixing and mastering studio! MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle is the ultimate collection of effects and instruments, and it currently contains 114 of them, including MDrummer, MPowerSynth, dynamics processors, equalizers, modulation effects including chorus and phasers, reverbs, stereo tools and analyzers.

Everything you need
MCompleteBundle contains all of our effects covering all the tasks involved in music production: composing, mixing and mastering. It also contains all of our instruments. With our included free for life updates, any new plugin we release moving forward will be free for you! And it takes just a few clicks using our update system…

Subscribe and get everything for a budget price
MCompleteBundle is the only product from MeldaProduction available via subscription rent-to-buy licence system. That means, you will be paying every month or year a rather small amount and have access to the whole bundle. And after your payments sum to the full price of the bundle, you’ll get a permanent licence automatically.

Unique super-modern technologies
The bundle contains traditional plugins as well as our revolutionary technologies, which give you the power to make your recordings sound incredible even if you haven’t spent the last 50 years as an audio engineer. High speed, simplicity, flexibility when you need it, crystal clear sound and minimal noise level are all standard in MeldaProduction.