Team R2R | 29 Sep 2022 | 4.9MB

Trident 系列 80B 数字均衡器以 80B 系列调音台为模型,是我们的新插件,可准确再现当今工作室工程师极受欢迎的 Trident 80B 系列均衡器的经典暖色调、临场感和冲击力。基于 70 年代备受推崇的 Trident 80B Range 调音台,这款广受欢迎的均衡器现在可以被当今的 DAW 工程师以插件格式使用。

Trident Audio 的插件软件模型为 Mac 或 PC 上的任何数字音频工作站 (DAW) 应用程序提供了令人印象深刻的补充。提供 VST3、AAX、AU(仅限 Mac)格式和 PC 平台

单独下载的 Mac 和 PC 版本可以在购买和激活许可证之前作为 7 天免费试用版安装。购买的许可证可用于 Mac 或 PC 上的最多两个系统或激活位置。

Trident 数字版包含了 Trident 模拟设备经典的精髓。 80B 系列具有温暖的色调、冲击力和无与伦比的存在感,使用突破性的建模技术和我们新的 AWA(高级波形分析),Trident 的专有 DSP 引擎,忠实地为数字世界重新创建。

充分利用这种信号处理技术可确保每个 Trident 插件都是当今可用的最高效且 CPU 要求最低的插件之一。这意味着可以随时运行多个 Trident 插件实例,对计算机性能的负面影响最小。

* 没有 iLok 驱动程序安装


• 添加了允许通过双击控制转盘手动输入值的新功能
• 更新了图形用户界面 (GUI)

视窗 x64 /视窗 x86


Modeled from a Series 80B Console, the Trident Series 80B Digital Equaliser is our new Plugin that accurately reproduces the classic warm tones, presence, and punch of the Trident 80B Series equalisers that are extremely popular with today’s studio engineers. Based on the highly regarded Trident 80B Range console of the seventies, this sought-after equaliser can now be enjoyed by today’s DAW engineers in a Plugin format.

Trident Audio’s Plugin software models make an impressive addition to any digital audio workstation (DAW) application, on either Mac or PC. Available in VST3, AAX, AU (Mac only) formats, and PC Platforms

Downloaded separately, Mac and PC versions may be installed as a free 7-day trial prior to purchasing and activating a license. A purchased license can be used on up to two systems or activation locations, on either Mac or PC.

The Trident Digital Editions embrace the essence of what made Trident analog equipment classics. With warm tones, punch, unmatchable presence, the Series 80B is faithfully recreated for the digital world using ground-breaking modeling techniques, and our new AWA (Advanced Wave Analysis), Trident’s proprietary DSP engine.

Taking full advantage of this signal processing technology ensures that every Trident Plugin is among the most efficient and least CPU demanding Plugins available today. Meaning multiple instances of Trident Plugins may be run at any time, with the least possible negative effect on your computer’s performance.

A witch says,
* No iLok Driver installation is
required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses
less memory than legit version.

Whats new in this version
Features and Fixes
• Added new feature allowing manual value entry by double-clicking on control dials
• Updated Graphical User Interface (GUI)

System Requirements
Windows x64 / Windows x86