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Passive EQ 是一个全参数、两通道、四频段均衡器,带有额外的高通和低通滤波器以及适用于所有用例的广泛预设集合。以其多才多艺的特性和自然的声音为特征,非常适合广泛的生产任务 ?从单个轨道到子组,甚至母带。此效果属于与 Softube 合作制作的 PREMIUM TUBE SERIES。这些“瑞典摇滚科学家”专注于专业音频硬件的极其精确的软件仿真。

全参数 2 通道、4 频段均衡器
每频段立体声链接、M/S 处理和 A/B 模式

PASSIVE EQ 捕捉了高端、电子管驱动的录音室设备丰富、自然的声音和临场感。即使在极端环境下,它的“音乐”特性也使这款多功能均衡器成为各种制作任务的自然选择。它兼作高级母带处理工具的能力为初学者和专家的每首曲目带来了明确无误的高端工作室感觉。与著名的 Softube 合作独家建模,并在任何 DAW 中独立运行,PASSIVE EQ 让专业触手可及。

PASSIVE EQ 自然、开放的声音适用于多种音源——在单个轨道、子组甚至母带任务上产生丰富且一致的结果。 PASSIVE EQ 是这款精品硬件的第一个原生仿真,具有全参数的两通道、四频段均衡器、附加的高通和低通滤波器以及适用于所有用例的广泛预设集合。
不仅限于原始规格,还添加了许多功能,包括高度可用的界面、每个 EQ 频段和滤波器的单独立体声链接、用于使您完成的混音变肥和加宽的中/侧处理,以及 A/B 模式比较两个设置或预设。


仅限 Mac OS 64 位
Intel Core i5 或同等 CPU,4 GB RAM 推荐 6 GB
仅限 Apple M1 Rosetta 2


Passive EQ is a fully-parametric, two-channel, four-band equalizer, with additional high and low pass filters plus a wide collection of presets for all use cases. Characterized by its versatile nature and natural sound, it is well suited to a wide range of production duties ? from individual tracks to sub groups and even mastering. This effect belongs to the PREMIUM TUBE SERIES, produced in collaboration with Softube. These “Swedish rock ‘n’ roll scientists” specialize in incredibly accurate software emulations of professional audio hardware.

Organic and open, for mixing or mastering
Fully parametric 2-channel, 4-band EQ
Per-band stereo link, M/S processing and A/B mode

PASSIVE EQ captures the rich, natural sound and presence of high-end, tube-powered studio gear. Its ‘musical’ character, even at extreme settings, makes this all-purpose EQ a natural choice for a wide range of production duties. Its ability to double as a premium mastering tool brings an unmistakable high-end-studio feel to every track, for beginners and experts alike. Exclusively modeled in collaboration with the renowned Softube, and running standalone in any DAW, PASSIVE EQ puts the professional touch at your fingertips.

PASSIVE EQ‘s natural, open sound lends itself to many sources – producing rich and consistent results on individual tracks, sub-groups and even mastering duties. The first native emulation of this boutique hardware, PASSIVE EQ features a fully-parametric two-channel, four-band equalizer, with additional high and low pass filters plus a wide collection of presets for all use cases.
Not limited to the original specifications, a number of features have been added, including a highly usable interface, separate stereo linking for each EQ band and filter, mid/side processing for fattening and widening your finished mix, and an A/B mode for comparing two settings or presets.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Mac OS 64-bit only
Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM 6 GB recommended
Apple M1 Rosetta 2 only