Backmask is a chaotic reverser plugin inspired by a nostalgia for the sunny days of demon cult hysteria. Back when shadows were lurking around every corner, under every object, infecting the precious youth with subliminal brainwashing signals. Simpler times.

Backmask uses government approved paradox processing technologies to expose these hidden terrors of music. Uncover the plots of ghosts, aliens and other rogue entities with Freakshow Industries Backmask.

Backmask reverses discrete sections of audio based on various triggers.

Trigger reversing by millisecond, DAW synced musical value, or input level.
Reverse audio at all, alternating or random triggers.
Set the length of reversed segments
Stuck mode, there is one.
Use grotesque amounts of latency to reverse the future with Time Align Mode.
Zero latency by default.
Kills 99.9% of brain cells