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Stallion 库由著名的电影声音设计创新者 Ann Kroeber 和 Alan Splet 录制,具有令人难以置信的各种魅力四射的马声效果,包括动作和发声。


许多这些马的声音被录制为主要故事片,包括黑种马、马语者和伊达尔戈。 Splet 在 The Black Stallion 中的工作为他赢得了声音编辑特别成就奖®。这种认可主要是由于他和 Kroeber 创作的源录音的质量和深度。


触手可及的一系列马足迹 – 在每一种步态和各种表面上移动,从砾石泥土到浅水、草地、沙子、鹅卵石等等。 Stallion 库还包括各种声音,如咀嚼、马鞍吱吱声、拉伸皮革和刮马车车轮。

继Cinematic Winds 和Industrial Sounds with Soul 库之后,Stallion 是由 Sound Mountain 策划的 Pro Sound Effects 的第三个独家版本:Kroeber 和 Splet 与著名导演如大卫林奇、卡罗尔巴拉德、卡罗尔巴拉德、和彼得威尔。此后,Kroeber 一直致力于为电影、电视和游戏制作或提供声音 – 包括 6 部获得奥斯卡音效奖的电影,以及 7 项额外提名。


•89 种音效(1.1GB)
•24 位/48kHz 广播 .wav 文件
•100% 免版税


Create drama with thunderous gallops, subtle breaths, and expressive vocalizations.

Recorded by renowned innovators of film sound design Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, the Stallion library features an incredible variety of charismatic horse sound effects including movements and vocalizations.

Intensify your projects with rumbling racing gallops, thumping canters, steady trots, and heavy rhythmic breathing. Bring creatures to life with the emotive whinny and neigh sounds of mustang stallions plus strong snorts, charming grunts, light nickers, and guttural exhales.

Many of these horse sounds were recorded for major feature films including The Black Stallion, The Horse Whisperer, and Hidalgo. Splet’s work on The Black Stallion won him a Special Achievement Academy Award® for Sound Editing. This recognition was largely due to the quality and depth of the source recordings he and Kroeber created.

Using a unique custom microphone rig (one mic fastened under the belly, another placed in front of the nose), the galloping sound effects in this library achieve an extraordinary dramatic quality with the horse’s powerful footsteps captured in harmony with its breathing.

Get an array of horse footsteps at your fingertips – moving at every gait and on various surfaces from gravelly dirt to shallow water, grass, sand, cobblestone and more. The Stallion library also includes miscellaneous sounds like chewing, saddle creaks, stretching leather, and scraping carriage wheels.

Following the libraries Cinematic Winds and Industrial Sounds with Soul, Stallion is the third exclusive release by Pro Sound Effects curated from Sound Mountain: Kroeber and Splet’s venerable private recording collection created over decades of film sound work with celebrated directors like David Lynch, Carroll Ballard, and Peter Weir. Kroeber has since worked on or supplied sounds for film, TV, and games – including 6 movies that won an Academy Award® in sound, and 7 additional nominations.

Key Features:

•89 sound effects (1.1GB)
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•24-bit/48kHz broadcast .wav files
•Descriptive embedded metadata
•100% Royalty-Free