Soundevice UniChannel v1.5 WIN

在工作室里收藏复古装备是一件好事和鼓舞人心的事,但不幸的是,这也既费时又昂贵。 SounDevice Studio 的所有者 Boris Carloff 非常了解这一点,因为他已经收集了 20 多年的复古装备:

“总有一些东西不工作。从管子到沙哑的锅,从米到嘈杂的盖子。而且这些单元非常罕见,你几乎不能同时在多个通道上使用它们。” 为了避免这些限制,我们受到启发创建了一个解决方案,将这些设备中最好的一个插件包含在一个插件中。 结果是单通道。


Windows 7 或更高版本


Having a vintage gear collection in the studio is nice and inspirational but unfortunately, it is also time-consuming and expensive. SounDevice Studio’s owner, Boris Carloff, knows this very well, as he has been collecting vintage gear for more than 20 years:

“There is always something not working. From tubes to scratchy pots, from meters to noisy caps. And the units are so rare that you can hardly ever use them on multiple channels simultaneously.” To avoid these limitations, we were inspired to create a solution that included the best of these devices into one plugin. The result is UniChannel.

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System Requirements
Windows 7 or higher