Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE 包括所有管理单元主机,以充分利用您现在拥有的管理单元。体验效果和主机插件之间无限组合的灵活性!

在 snapin 生态系统之外,所有其他 Kilohearts 的插件仍然以一种或另一种方式支持模块化工作流程(除了 kHs ONE)。这就是我们创建 Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE 的原因,它为您提供我们曾经发布的所有内容,以便您可以随心所欲地发挥创意。

探索来自世界各地的各种专业预设制作者和艺术家(但主要是德国的一些侥幸)在这些插件中的数百个专业工厂预设。 Just Phase Plant 就拥有 400 多个精心策划的预设,让您在开始修改和创建自己的之前开始。

查看各个产品页面以获取有关使用的提示和技巧,并查看 YouTube 以获取有关各种插件的用户视频,因为有很多东西要学习。



Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes all the snapin hosts to take full advantage of the snapins you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between the effects and the host plugins!

Moving outside of the snapin eco-system, all other Kilohearts’ plugins still support the modular workflow in one way or another (except kHs ONE). That’s why we created the Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE which gives you eveything we ever released so you can get as creative as you like.

Explore the hundreds of professional factory presets throughout these plugins by various professional preset makers and artists from around the world (but mostly Germany by some fluke). Just Phase Plant alone has over 400 carefully curated presets to start you off before getting into modifying, and creating your own.

Check out the individual product pages for tips and tricks on usage, and check YouTube for user videos on the various plugins as there is plenty to learn.

(Win64; AAX, VST, VSTi)