smart:comp 2 是无价的助手——无论您是母带/混音专业人士还是有抱负的人才。


由 AI 驱动的音频压缩
令人难以置信的声音 – 您的曲目值得拥有
smart:comp 2 的 AI 驱动的自动参数化、频谱压缩和侧链闪避功能旨在实现一个目标:干净、平衡良好的压缩结果,无论您是在使用单个乐器、乐器总线还是整个混合。通过分析材料的特性,其智能处理将提高透明度并保留关键细节,而不会影响信号的完整性。在这样一个健全的基础支持下,您可以继续前进,让您的创造力流淌。


使用 smart:comp 2 简单直观。所有关键的压缩参数都占据中心位置——它们的处理感觉就像使用普通的单频段压缩器一样熟悉。通过输入电平骑行,您可以直接专注于塑造赛道的动态,而不必担心电平问题。 smart:comp 2 为您提供实时监控元素,例如即时影响预测,可立即反映整个信号的每个参数变化,压缩映射和 RMS 电平直方图,概述轨道的整体动态。

smart:comp 2 is an invaluable assistant – whether you’re a mastering/mixing professional or an aspiring talent.


Audio compression powered by AI
Incredible sound – your tracks deserve nothing less
smart:comp 2’s AI-powered automatic parametrization, spectral compression, and sidechain ducking abilities aim for one goal: clean, well-balanced compression results that remain true to your input signal – no matter whether you are working on single instruments, instrument busses or entire mixes. By analyzing the characteristics of your material, its intelligent processing will enhance transparency and preserve crucial details without compromising the integrity of the signal. Supported by such a sound base you can go ahead and let your creativity flow.

Inspiration hits with more possibilities
Tap the full potential of shaping dynamics
This exceptionally versatile compressor is packed with features that enable you to give any track your unique vibe. Gradually shape the character of the compressor with the style dial and give your results a darker or brighter vibe using the color dial. The free-form transfer function with its templates allows you to achieve sophisticated level mapping.

Smooth handling and real-time monitoring
Everything you need at a glance
Working with smart:comp 2 is straightforward and intuitive. All crucial compression parameters take center stage – their handling will feel as familiar as working with a common single band compressor. With input level riding you can focus directly on shaping the dynamics of your track instead of worrying about level issues. smart:comp 2 provides you with real-time monitoring elements such as instant impact prediction which immediately reflects every parameter change across the entire signal, compression mapping and a RMS level histogram that outlines the overall dynamics of a track.
Modified AAX, you know what that means.