Quantum 2772 Evolution 是一款真正的算法立体声混响,灵感来自传奇的德国房间模拟器算法,并首次以插件格式提供。

Quantum 2772 Evolution 混响算法与其他混响模拟器根本不同,提供无与伦比的真实感和深度。

Quantum 2772 Evolution 与绝大多数其他混响处理器截然不同的三个原则

1) 精确模拟空间的共振。混响模拟器通常使用时域内的“光线追踪”来尝试提供大小、深度和其他因素所需的听觉线索。 Quantum 2772 Evolution 采用不同的方法,通过模拟真实房间的共振模式和模态密度。通过模拟整个房间的模态密度模式和共振分布,为听众提供心理声学线索,帮助创造真正的空间感和深度感。

2) 独特的非线性动态包络。大多数混响以线性静态方式响应声音脉冲刺激,从而产生相当可预测的二维声音。由于其相关的互连谐振器系统,Quantum 2772 Evolution 能够通过创建一个非线性系统来模拟真实房间的复杂阻力和惯性特性,从而在起音阶段创建更逼真的声音包络。因此,声音的清晰度达到了一定程度,因为较短、较柔和的声音没有被遮蔽,而较长的声音逐渐形成逼真、复杂的尾音。

3) 清晰、未调制的混响。大多数混响模拟器依靠调制来避免声场内产生刺耳的共振,这通常会导致不自然的时间和音高波动。因为 Quantum 2772 Evolution 包含自然交互和良好协调共振的建立,它不需要依赖任何形式的调制,提供了其他混响中通常没有的清晰度、自然度和音高稳定性。




The Quantum 2772 Evolution is a true algorithmic stereo reverb, inspired by the legendary German room simulator algorithm and offered here for the first time in plugin format.

The Quantum 2772 Evolution reverb algorithm is fundamentally different from other reverb simulators, offering unsurpassed realism and depth.

There are three principles that make the Quantum 2772 Evolution uniquely different than the vast majority of other reverb processors

1) Accurately modeled resonances of a space. Reverb simulators commonly use “ray tracing” within the time domain to attempt to provide the aural cues necessary for size, depth, and other factors. The Quantum 2772 Evolution takes a different approach by modeling the resonant modes and modal densities of a real room. By modeling the modal density patterns and distribution of resonances throughout a room, the listener is provided with psychoacoustical cues that help to create a true sense of space and depth.

2) Unique, non-linear dynamic envelope. Most reverbs respond in a linearly static way to sound impulse stimuli, resulting in a rather predictable and two-dimensional sound. Because of its system of related, interconnected resonators, the Quantum 2772 Evolution is able to create a much more realistic envelope of sound in the attack phase by creating a non-linear system which models the complex resistance and inertia characteristics of a real room. As a result, a certain clarity of sound is achieved as shorter, softer sounds are left unclouded, while longer sounds gradually build into realistic, complex tails.

3) Clear, un-modulated reverb. Most reverb simulators rely on modulation to avoid a buildup of harsh resonances within the soundfield which often results in unnatural time and pitch fluctuations. Because the Quantum 2772 Evolution embraces the natural interaction and build-up of well-coordinated resonances, it does not need to rely on any form of modulation, offering a degree of clarity, naturalness and pitch-stability not typically found in other reverbs.

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Windows 10+