Convology XT 是一款免费的卷积混响,是 Impulse Record 和 Wave Arts 合作的成果。 Convology XT 带有 74 个老式脉冲响应,是 Convology XT 库中 3,556 个脉冲响应的采样。

Convology XT Complete Library 专注于复古混响效果。从来自世界各地工作室的 126 件不同的老式工作室设备中抽取了反馈。有 10 个独立的库:80s-90s DSP 1 Basic、80s-90s DSP 2 Classic、80s-90s DSP 3 Pro、Plates、Springs Bright、Springs Boingy、Springs Warm、Echo Space、Vintage Amps 和 Vintage German DSP。图书馆价格实惠。

Convology XT True Stereo Library 包含 4 通道真正的立体声脉冲响应。有 2 个独立的真正立体声库:True Stereo 1 和 True Stereo 2。

该插件具有易于使用的界面来浏览库,允许用户在播放音乐时快速浏览预设和试听。尽管是免费的,但 Convology XT 是世界级的卷积混响,具有 CPU 高效处理、低延迟和零延迟模式、2M 样本的最大 IR 长度(40 秒,48 kHz),支持真正的立体声响应,支持 WAV 和 AIF文件和调制。还有广泛的 IR 修改功能,包括拉伸、衰减时间缩放、EQ、频率相关的衰减时间缩放、时间反转和幅度包络。以及带有实时频谱、时间显示和老式齿轮图像的酷炫 UI。

Convology XT 的美妙之处在于可以轻松浏览庞大的复古库,其中包含真正世界级的脉冲响应文件。

变更日志 v1.25
• Factory Library 包括 7 个 Real Spaces IR。
• 工厂库图像调整大小以减小安装程序大小。
• 在初始超时弹出窗口中输入 Complete serial 可以正确注册所有子库。
• 使用克隆驱动器时,预设浏览器中只会显示每个库的一个副本。
• 文件浏览器在当前目录和子目录“images”、“00 DEFAULT IMAGES”、“00 DEFAULT PICTURES”中搜索匹配的图像,如果没有找到则重复搜索两个父目录。
• 图像窗格在后台线程中加载图像,在预设浏览器中实现更快的滚动。
• 如果库太多而无法容纳,关于框使用减小的字体大小。
• 关于框按排序顺序列出库。
• GUI 绘制后显示许可证过期弹出窗口。
• 插件将与任何 Real Spaces 库序列一起获得许可。

b]系统要求[/b] OS-X 10.11 到 MacOS 12 (Monterey)
Apple Silicon (M1) 原生支持,AU 和 VST3 格式
AAX – Pro Tools 11 及更高版本
仅限 64 位主机


Convology XT is a free convolution reverb, the result of a collaboration between Impulse Record and Wave Arts. Convology XT comes with 74 vintage impulse responses, a sampling of the 3,556 impulse responses in the Convology XT library.

The Convology XT Complete Library is focused on vintage reverb effects. Responses were sampled from 126 different pieces of vintage studio gear from studios all over the world. There are 10 separate libraries: 80s-90s DSP 1 Basic, 80s-90s DSP 2 Classic, 80s-90s DSP 3 Pro, Plates, Springs Bright, Springs Boingy, Springs Warm, Echo Space, Vintage Amps, and Vintage German DSP. The libraries are affordably priced.

The Convology XT True Stereo Library consists of 4-channel true stereo impulse responses. There are 2 separate true stereo libraries: True Stereo 1 and True Stereo 2.

The plug-in features an easy to use interface to browse through the libraries, allowing the user to quickly step through presets and audition on the fly while the music is playing. Despite being free, Convology XT is a world class convolution reverb, with CPU efficient processing, low latency and zero latency modes, max IR length of 2M samples (40 sec at 48 kHz), support for true stereo responses, support for WAV and AIF files, and modulation. There are also extensive IR modification functions, including stretch, decay time scaling, EQ, frequency-dependent decay time scaling, time reverse, and amplitude envelope. And a cool UI with real time spectrum, time display, and images of the vintage gear.

The beauty of Convology XT is the ease of browsing a huge vintage library, with truly world class impulse response files.

Whats new in this version
• Factory Library includes 7 Real Spaces IRs.
• Factory Library images resized to reduce installer size.
• Entering Complete serial in initial timeout popup properly registers all child libraries.
• When using cloned drives, only one copy of each library will appear in preset browser.
• File browser searches for matching images in current directory, and subdirectories “images”, “00 DEFAULT IMAGES”, “00 DEFAULT PICTURES”, and if not found repeats search up two parent directories.
• Image pane loads image in background thread, enabling faster scrolling in preset browser.
• About box uses reduced font sizes if too many libraries to fit.
• About box lists libraries in sorted order.
• License expired popups show after GUI has drawn.
• Plug-in will license with any Real Spaces library serial.

b]System Requirements[/b] OS-X 10.11 to MacOS 12 (Monterey)
Apple Silicon (M1) natively supported, AU and VST3 formats
AAX – Pro Tools 11 and higher
64-bit hosts only