RUio16-D 随附的 VST Rack Pro 软件是使用 VST 插件的插件主机软件,可让您创建所需的精确效果机架。该软件适用于 Mac 和 Windows 计算机,让您能够自由灵活地构建自己的插件环境。通过将外形紧凑的 RUio16-D 添加到 VST Rack Pro 中,为您的巡演系统带来如此多的自由,您将能够通过您习惯使用的插件提供您经常使用的声音,即使在与您通常执行的环境不同的环境中。

VST 插件宿主应用程序
您可以使用自己喜欢的 VST 插件来创建既强大又灵活的原创效果架。
通过这种设置,工程师可以将他们已经购买的用于现场表演和工作室使用的首选 VST 插件集成到系统中。
*可以使用兼容 VST3 的插件。

VST Rack Pro 包含由 Yamaha 和 Steinberg 创建的 30 多个音色丰富的流行插件。其中一些包括受到 RIVAGE PM 用户好评的 Buss Comp 369; SuperVision,用于管理响度;和其他可以在各种情况下使用的插件。


VST Rack Pro 上的延迟组字段可让您将指定的插件组合在一起并同步每个组内机架的延迟。使用自动设置时,显示组内具有最大延迟的机架;使用手动设置时,您可以通过双击输入数值。

将 VST Rack Pro 与 RUio16-D 一起使用时,可以使用旁路功能来最大程度地减少可能发生的任何故障。如果您的计算机出现问题,则使用此功能,以防止任何可能停止整个系统声音的故障。您可以调整激活此功能所需的时间,具体取决于系统停止运行的时间。


The VST Rack Pro software included with the RUio16-D is plug-in host software that uses VST plug-ins, letting you create the exact effect rack you want. This software is available for both Mac and Windows computers, and gives you the ability to build your own plug-in environment with both freedom and flexibility. By adding the RUio16-D with its compact form factor to the VST Rack Pro that brings so much freedom to your touring system, you’ll be able to offer the sounds you always use from the plug-ins you’re accustomed to using, even in environments that differ from the ones in which you typically perform.

VST plug-in host application
You can use your favorite VST plug-ins to create an original effects rack that’s both powerful and flexible.
With this setup, engineers can integrate their preferred VST plug-ins that they’ve already purchased for live performance and studio use into the system.
*VST3-compatible plug-ins can be used.

A wide array of built-in plug-ins and sample projects
The VST Rack Pro includes an array of more than 30 rich-sounding popular plug-ins created by Yamaha and Steinberg. Some of these include the Buss Comp 369, praised by RIVAGE PM users; the SuperVision, useful for managing loudness; and other plug-ins that can be used in a variety of situations.

This software also offers sample projects that are appropriate for multiple applications. You can get considerable mileage out of the sample projects as-is, or use them as a base to work from in creating your own custom projects, thus saving time.

Latency Group settings
The Latency Group field on the VST Rack Pro lets you group together specified plug-ins and synchronize the latencies of the racks within each group. When using the Auto settings, the rack with the maximum latency within a group is shown; when using the Manual settings, you can input a numeric value by double-clicking.

Bypass feature, just in case things go awry
When using the VST Rack Pro with the RUio16-D, a bypass feature is available to minimize any trouble that may occur. This feature is used if a problem occurs on your computer, preventing any trouble that might stop the sound on the entire system. You can adjust how long it takes for this function to activate, determined by how long the system is out of operation.